Postcards From Home

How does your home affect who you are? Is your home where you were born, where you live now, or somewhere in between?

A home is not only a physical location but also a construct of the mind. How can you exchange a piece of your home with another? This exhibition asks you to consider how your home affects your identity, and how you can capture the nature of home in a postcard.

Using diverse media, including digital images, printmaking, collage, drawings and paintings, these artists have captured their experiences of home. Some of these experiences are harmonious and others contradict each other; depictions of homes that are sweet and nurturing while others are harsh and disregarded.

This vastness of experience of home points to different relationships with our surroundings. As home is not only a physical space but also a set of relationships with people and places, one’s relationship with their home can direct other aspects of their lives. This exhibition attempts to illuminate these relationships.

This project is curated by Stacey Cann.

Please find the full catalogue below:

Postcards From Home Catalogue


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